Hello I'm Antoine.

I am passionate about creating new things to benefit others. Initially, to simplify my own life, and then to share it with my loved ones.


I'm a 23-year-old developer living in France. My passion is to use my creativity to create solutions with programming. With perseverance, self-discipline and dedication. What drives me forward is the pleasure of learning and taking on new challenges. Beyond coding, I enjoy working on side projects, which allow me to explore my creativity and grow. I am fluent in French and have an intermediate level of English. I've set up a HomeLab on Ubuntu and Debian to explore and test new knowledge, and on top of that I have a server at AWS to learn about the cloud and push my limits. This allows me to test new horizons without compromising network security on my HomeLab and home infrastructure.

Passionate about electronics, I use 3D printing and am enthusiastic about home automation and connected devices. I love creating new automations for my home and experimenting with emerging technologies. My medium and long-term goals are to deepen my skills in the programming languages I already master and to learn new ones to improve my skills and knowledge. In addition, I intend to go into electronics in parallel. I aspire to create my own printed circuit boards and electronic assemblies. This would enable me to take forward my automation projects independently, without necessarily depending on other people for their circuit boards.


Operatings systems

IT Technologies

Office software



Aug 2020 - Mar 2023

WEEM - Technicien polyvalent and Responsable bureau d’étude

I handle the assembly of WEEM cabins (smart cabins), from receiving orders to installing them at client sites. I meticulously prepare elements for shipment and conduct installations. Additionally, I provide ongoing maintenance and customer support for installed WEEM cabins. My focus extends to crafting future cabin designs and managing order paperwork. With a keen eye on detail, I oversee installations and provide seamless after-sales service.

TopSolid Autocad Google Sketchup Install and SAV Cabine WEEM Create futur cabine
Sep 2019 - Jul 2020

Roselier agencement - Dessinateur en bureau d’étude et opérateur de centre d’usinage

In my role, I specialize in layout design using SketchUp, Autocad, and TOPSOLID software. I am skilled in creating manufacturing processes and managing workstations. I also program pieces using Maestro software for SCM machining centers, ensuring precise execution. Additionally, I operate machining centers for efficient production. My expertise lies in seamlessly transitioning from conception to production, utilizing advanced software and machinery to deliver high-quality results.

TopSolid Autocad Google Sketchup Centre d’usinage Maestro (SCM)
Sep 2015 - Aug 2019

Bardel menuiserie - Apprenti ébéniste and menuisier agenceur

My expertise encompasses design and execution of layouts using SketchUp, installation of interior and exterior carpentry, and fitting of plasterboard. I also handle various repairs, including roller shutters and locksmithing. Furthermore, I specialize in crafting custom layouts, overseeing processes from conception to client delivery.

Google Sketchup Create Layout

Education and Certification

Aug 2023

Cybersecurity - Essential

The cybersecurity and networking course comprises five crucial modules. Learners delve into foundational concepts like the CIA Triad, Defense-in-Depth strategies, and OWASP principles. They progress to mastering risk management within Security Operations Centers (SOCs), utilizing tools such as Nmap and VPNs. Further modules cover vulnerability exploitation, website penetration, and risk monitoring, equipping students with essential skills in penetration testing and compliance management.

Foundational Knowledge Knowledge of networks Risk assessment Vulnerability exploitation Defensive Strategies Web Security Incident response
Year 2020

Formations indépendantes

As a holder of the CACES R489 category 3 certification, I operate front-loading forklifts weighing up to 6 tonnes, strictly adhering to safety protocols. With the B0, TBT, BT (operator) electrical authorization, I am qualified to safely intervene in electrical installations, following established procedures. My expertise ensures efficient and secure logistic management, as well as autonomous intervention in productions.

CACES R489 category 3 Electrical B0, TBT, BT (operator)
Year 2020

Formation Topsolid

Thanks to comprehensive training in TopSolid software tailored for the wood industry, I have full command of the digital chain. From 2D drawing to production, I excel in designing complex and optimized furniture, creating variable assemblies, and managing production with precision. My expertise enables error reduction and production chain optimization, enhancing productivity, quality, and safety. As a proficient TopSolid user.

Optimization production chain Error reduction
July 2019

Baccalauréat professionnel Technicien menuisier agenceur

Within interior design, my skills detailed execution plans, and precise furniture specifications. I adeptly maintain production tools and prepare furniture for finishing touches. Crafting custom solid wood elements and assembling furniture from wood derivatives are among my specialties. I excel in organizing installation procedures and connecting fixtures like sanitary equipment and electrical appliances. With expertise spanning fabrication processes to installation, I bring a comprehensive approach to interior design projects.

Plan 2D or 3D Autonomy Manufacturing process Solidwork
July 2017

CAP d'ébénisterie

In the "Cap ébéniste", skills include identifying aesthetic and stylistic information, interpreting technical data, proposing technical and aesthetic solutions, and organizing workstations safely. Tasks involve drafting, preparing materials, executing designs, and operating machinery.

Plan 2D Autonomy

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